Competitive Programmer

My handle is "rdprassy". I have been on every programming platform where you can learn code. I am on Hackerearth, Hacker rank, Codechef and other similar platforms

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FULl STACK Developer

I develop medium scale java web applications using Spring framework. Knows Web Development and get the databases engulp all the data safely. What else you need to learn to call yourself One.

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Writer AND Lyricist

Literature is always a passion for me from my childhood. If it isn't rap; May be i would have stayed away from it, its beautiful vocabulary; things that rhymes, the word flow and Hell EMINEM

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This is what keeps my adrenaline going. A ground exites me the most next to code. and guess what; I have been there and done that; representing my school and university at several occasions.

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Over 26+ Skills
showing my proficiency

If People got anything to appreciate on me. What more they got except my skills.


Pro in C++. What more a coder needs to come up with a solution in a competitive programming which got some easy syntax which makes implementation easy.


Intermediate in Java. Cause you know its vast. Know Core, Advanced Java 8, JSP, Servlets. Maven,Gradle, Spring and Spring Boot over microservices architectue at ease. Can easily develop a web application. Good Knowledge on how to use the eclipse at its peaks.



You know how important to secure you database these days. Have hands on Oracle 11g, knows SQL, PL/SQl

Web Development

Can make web a better place with HTML, CSS, javascript,BootStrap and lot more tools. Expert in using sublime,Git and many more tools

Achievements and all the Buzz

I am a trend. I set One everytime i am in.

A high retreat

You call it Awards, But i mention Milestones.

Received Gold Medal from NRIKD.Qualified the Google Code Jam 2014, Plinth'15- Inter University Programming Contest (IUPC),Representing the University KHO-KHO team twice and making it to the central zone on both occasions emerging Runners and Winners respectively. Emerged Winners in South Zone Handball tournament and made it to Nationals.

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"I am not showing off, I am going off popular consensus."

My Role Models

These are the people from whom i look up for inspiration. They are worth every bit of your respect.

Eminem (Rapper)

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972),[2] known professionally as Eminem (often stylized as EMINƎM), is an American rapper, record producer, and actor.

Gennady Korotkevich

Gennady Korotkevich is a Belarusian sport programmer who has won major international competitions since age 11, as well as numerous national competitions.

Steve Smith

Steven Peter Devereux Smith (born 2 June 1989) is an Australian cricketer who represents Australia, New South Wales Blues, and Sydney Sixers.

Real Life prodigies who have overcome all the obstacles that life has set them and showed the world how It is a better place to live in and enjoy every moment as it ticks.

Few Projects to mention

Though i am mostly into competitive programming, I also did some nice projects on the side.

JAVA Web Application

Insurance WebApp

Insurance web application that i built using java MVC architecure which enable users to generate a quote with all the details enabling different priviliges to diferent sector of people in accessing the data. Can be used at both Customer and client ends in creating a contract and accepting it in the admin side.

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Palmprint Recognition System

Built over the top of Matlab using vibrant UI design, the Palmprint Recognition System will help you in measuring the extent to which the palm print matches the registered palm print categorising it as a genuine or an impostor one for authentication.

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The Way I am

The hierarchy to my life.

The Birth

Hello Folks..!! This is the beginning of the new generation. rdprassy is born this day. He evolved and perished developing things and contributing to this world. I was born in Ichapuram, Andhra Pradesh which is my home town.

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Oct 11

Schooling - The way you Learn

This is where i have been brought up. I completed my schooling in CBSE background from Gnana Bharati English Medium School at my hometown. The memories and friends created here will last a life time. Its the best part of my life over time.

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Mar 31

The High School - Now you got decisions to make

Its has to be a place where you learn that life is not so easy as you expected. I competed my +2 from B.H.P.V Senior Secondary School, Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh. A place of beauty is what i call. Got to know you need to be extremely competitive inorder to survive in this world or deligent hardworker will outsmart you.

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May 15

Engineering- The birth of Ideas

Its a new place and changed a lot over time i have been there. I completed my graduation from Jawaharalal Nehru Technological University Kakinada, University College of Engineering, Viziangaram in the field of Information Technology. Thats what i always dreamt of to be graduated in the field of Computer Science. Made hell lot of memories and met more talented people to call them my friends.

More info 2015
Jun 21

Corporate Job: Into Software Development

Landed some big shark corporate jobs which include Inrhythm Solutions, CGI, Value Labs, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and Deloitte. But always wanted to see myself in a product based company for what this beautiful portfolio is created. The Burning Midnight oil will flower blossoms very soon fellas.And yes there it goes finally i embed my steps in Teradata - A Product based company.

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Sep 21

What People say

Regarding all the achievement and success till now

"Recieving a Gold Medal from the NRIKD (National Research Institure for Knowledge Development) at such a small age. is a great achievement that you can remark in your Life."
Anonymous 1
I appreciate Rckstr Rdz
"The twisted adventorous story in the Novel 'The Art of Making' is worth all the wait and patience. Your juggling skills and the lyrics for the college rap album 'This is IT' are amazing."
Anonymous 2
a small fan of rdprassy
"I learnt a lot of coding by looking at your answers in the competitive programming contests, I follow you on every coding platform. You are an inspiration for me."
Anonymous 3
He not only turns caffeine to code but grills it

More and more hidden talents

Start counting from one. You will be running out of numbers but i will still keep my skills counting.

Motor Skill


Can juggle balls and perform a cascade with no effort.Juggling always fascinated me. Dreamt of being a joker when i was growing up during my childhood. I thought i would be always entertaing people , laughing and will be living a merrier life but never realised i just hide behind the tears of a clown

Fast Thinker

Speed Cuber

Rubix Cube. Can solve rubix cube (3*3), rubix revenge (4*4),Professors cube (5*5) and mirror cube under a certain limit of time. If it wasn't for problem solving; i would have never picked up this skill. Cubing improve my motor skills and ensure that i make quick and correct decisions at the nick of time

Thought Processing


Rapping is like a built in art for me. Put the beats on and you will see how rdprassy turns in to Rckstr RD'Z. Rckstr RD'Z is my stage name for performing such musical transactions. I have written a dedicated rap song for my college and several raps with the check on time .

The Game Changer

Problem Solving

I have got enough Problem solving skills through out my life. Solved several problems over time to show case my skills, been into competitive programming for the very own cause. Can solve many brain teasing puzzles at ease. If its easy It's not worth it.

Contact Me

Get your Hope up for the person who you got to be knowing. Hell yeah..!! This below is home for me.
and by any means you get your Bumped back ass over my town... My Hospitality doors are always open for you.

Home Sweet Home
Dr. no: 5-6-31, Bunglow road,
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Well if theres a need for my presence; I ll be right down to help. Untill then you got to know how to reach me . - Follow me on social media mentioned below ; Presently I stay in Hyderabad, A.P hell wrong....!! Its Telangana:!- India though;

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